TRANSLATE LK, paralotnia, paralotnia lk 8000, Instructions

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HOW TO TRANSLATE LK8000LK8000 2.0 can be translated into any language using unicode letters.A good editor to use is Notepad Plusplus, free software. You can download it fromIt is important to select in Notepad++ menu Encoding UTF-8 (with BOM!).Enter LK8000 directory and find _Language.....This _Language directory has a check file called _LANGUAGE that you must NOT touch.ENG files are of course the ENGLISH version, default, and must NOT be changed......Suppose that you want to create a language version for ITALIAN.Copy ENGLISH.LNG to ITALIANO.LNGOpen with a text editor ITALIANO.LNGSince it is a copy of English, it will be:# Language ENGLISH# LK8000## Author:## Updated: december 2010R=1L=ENGChange it to:# Language ITALIAN# LK8000## Author: your name## Updated: december 2010R=1L=ITAIMPORTANT: USE THREE (3) LETTERS FOR LANGUAGE PREFIX example ITA, ENG, ABC, FRA, POR, POL, etc.Save ITALIANO.LNG . Now you have created an ITA version (L=ITA) prefix.Copy ENG_HELP.TXT into ITA_HELP.TXTCopy ENG_MENU.TXT into ITA_MENU.TXTCopy ENG_MSG.TXT into ITA_MSG.TXTTranslate first ITA_MENU and ITA_MSG. ITA_HELP is the last to be translated.In details:ITA_MENU is the menu (xci) file that generates menu buttons in LK.ITA_MSG has all internal messages and text in the softwareITA_HELP is the help subsystem, those messages you read when you select Help in some menus.Run LK8000 and in config menu 1 select ITALIANONow the good thing is that you don't really need to translate everything, and to do it entirely.You can translate only one part, few messages, what you like.TRANSLATING MENU================Easy and fast: you only need to translate lines starting with "label"Do not touch anything else!For example, you will find several labels likelabel=Backchange it to:label=Dietro (only an example in italian!)When you find labels likelabel=SIM\nMENU$(SIMONLY)then you must NOT translate $(...) because those are macro for internal usage.\n means "go into a new line", do not change it too!Some lines are more complicated, like:label=$(CheckTask)Advance\n&(AdvanceArmed)again, do not translate $(CheckTask) and &(AdvanceArmed) because they are macro!Correct translation could be:label=$(CheckTask)Avanza\n&(AdvanceArmed)REMEMBER: menu buttons have a limited space, so try not to exceed original number of characters.NORMALLY DO NOT EXCEED 9 CHARACTERS on a line in MENU! See other languages for examples.Save your file, and RESTART LK8000 to see changes in MENU. This is important: MENU CHANGES ARELOADED ONLY AT STARTUP. Of course, it is best to do this work using PC version!TRANSLATING MSG===============Easy to do: this file is made of lines with an index (_@M123_ for example) and text.Text is delimited by " " .- RESPECT SPACES if you find them at the beginning or at the endExampleerlays "_@M15_ "14 Task" becomes _@M15_ "14 Temi"@M390_ "Lift " becomes @M390_ "Sali " << notice the space terminating SaliALL CHANGES ARE IMMEDIATELY EFFECTIVE. SO IT IS EASY TO VERIFY RESULTS.TRANSLATING HELP================Help system is just text. Simply translate it as you want.Respect numbering before each help, that's all.ALL CHANGES ARE IMMEDIATELY EFFECTIVE. SO IT IS EASY TO VERIFY RESULTS.Voila! Nothing else to do. If something goes wrong, you still have the original ENG version.>>>> IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO CHECK THAT ON ALL RESOLUTIONS YOUR MENU IS OK and text is notexceeding the button size <<<<<How to do it? From PC you can create a link to the LK executable, with "Create shortcut".Then edit the shortcut and add -480x272 for example, to get the PNA resolution.In the end, your new shortcut should be something like"C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Desktop\LK8000-PC.exe" -480x272Please check with -640x480 , -480x272 , -480x640 , -272x480 , and the default -800x480 which is the oneautomatically started.Paolo [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]