TW0350-TE, MAKITA Budowa, Instrukcje serwisowe

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//-->TECHNICAL INFORMATIONTW0350Impact WrenchWLModels No.DescriptionPRODUCTP1/8CONCEPTION AND MAIN APPLICATIONSIn order to occupy the advantageous position in the market,we have developed the above impact wrench with the followingfeatures.* Incredibly high torque of 350 N.m (260 ft.lbs)* Equipped with palm-fitting soft grip for comfortable work.HSpecificationVoltage (V)110120220230240Current (A) (Hz)50 / 6050 / 6050 / 6050 / 6050 / 60Dimensions : mm ( " )Length ( L ) 283 (11-1/8)Width ( W )87 (3-7/16)Height ( H ) 233 (9-1/8)Continuous Rating (W)InputOutput400230400230400230400230400230Max. Output(W)350350350350350No load speed (min-1=rpm)Impact per minute (min-1=bpm)Square drive : mm ( " )Standard boltCapacitiesHigh Tensile boltMax. fastening torque : N.m (ft.lbs)Reverse switchPower supply cord : m ( ft )Net weight: kg (lbs)2,0002,00012.7 (1/2)M12 - M22M12 - M16350 (260)Yes (Rocker type)2.0 (6.6) for Australia 2.5 (8.2) for other than Australia2.9 (6.4)Standard equipment* Socket 24-45 .................................... 1 pc.* Plastic carrying case ....................... 1 pc.< Note > The standard equipment for the tool shown may differ from country to country.Optionalaccessories* Socket 21-150* Socket 22-38* Socket 22-52* Socket 23-38* Socket 23-52* Socket 24-45* Socket 24-52* Socket 26-50* Socket 26-78* Socket 27-50* Socket 27-78* Socket 30-50* Socket 30-78* Socket 32-50* Socket 32-78* Extension bar* Universal joint* Elliptic socket* Time switch* Socket 19-38* Socket 19-52* Socket 19-78* Socket 21-38* Socket 21-52* Socket 21-78Repair< 1 > LubricationApply MAKITA grease N. No.1 to the following portions designated by black triangle to protectparts and product from unusual abrasion.Sleeve 18Compressionspring 2819 cps. ofsteel ball 4P2/8Steel ball 6.419Hammer case78Fig. 1PositionNo.7Portionto be lubricated* The surface which contacts sleeve 18.* The wing portion which is percussed by cam portion of 8 Hammer.* The joining hole in which 13 Spindle is inserted.* The cam portion which transmits the percussion to 7 Anvil.8Hammer* The inner surface where contacts 10 Spring holder.* The outer surface which contacts the inner surface of 8 Hammer* The edge portion where 19 pcs.of steel ball 4 roll.* The inner surface where contacts 13 Spindle.1319Spindle* The groove where 2 pcs. of steel ball 6.4 roll.* The gear portion* The teeth portion* The surface where flat washer 8 contacts.1013Flatwasher 8Parts itemAnvilAmount : g( oz )0.5 (0.02)3.5 (0.13)1.0 (0.04)3.5 (0.13)3.0 (0.12)3.0 (0.12)0.5 (0.02)0.5 (0.02)2.0 (0.08)10 .0 (0.35)10 .0 (0.35)0.1 (0.01)10Spring holderSpur gear 19-41< 2 > Removing armature( 1 ) Remove brush holder cap and carbon brush.See Fig. 2.( 2 ) Remove hex socket head bolt M5x50, cupwasher and urethane ring 5 each 4 pcs.See Fig. 2.( 3 ) Separate mechanical section (hammer caseand hammer case cover) from motorhousing. Then, armature can be separatedfrom motor housing together withmechanical section. See Fig. 2.< Note >If the armature remains in the motor housingat the step (3), it can be removed by knockingthe edge of motor housing with plastic hammer.Hammer caseHammer case coverMotor housingMechanical sectionArmatureHex sockethead bolt M5x50Urethane ring 5Cup washerFig. 2RepairP3/8< 3 > Disassembling the mechanical section( 1 ) Separate hammer case cover from hammer case by pulling in the vertical direction as illustrated in Fig. 3Rin stead of Fig. 3F.Hammer unit(hammer, spindle,compression spring 28, etc.)Hammer caseHammer casecoverThe parts can falloff the hammer casecover.Fig. 3RFig. 3F( 2 ) Remove anvil and flat washer 19 from hammer case. See Fig. 4.( 3 ) Remove the hammer unit and spur gear 19-41 and 3 pcs. of flat washer 8 from hammer case cover.See Fig. 5.The hammer unit(hammer, spindle,compression spring 28, etc.)This part can remainin the hammer case.AnvilFlat washer 8Flat washer 19Fig. 4Spur gear 19-41Flat washer 8Fig. 5< Note > Be careful, not to lose flat washers.< 4 > Disassembling hammer unit( 1 )Pull hammer toward gearside with "No.1R045 Gearextractor", and in order totake out steel ball 6.4align the top of cam grooveof spindle with the openingportion of hammer.See Fig. 6.Steelball 6.4GearOpeningportionTop of camgrooveSteel ball 6.4Fig. 6Repair( 3 )Putting the hammer unit as illustrated in Fig. 7R, remove the following parts.* Hammer* Compressionspring 28Hammer* Spring holder* 19 pcs. of steelball 4Compression* Spindlespring 28Spring holder19 pcs. of steel ball 4SpindleFig. 7R< 5 > Assembling hammer unit( 1 ) Put 19 pcs. of steel ball 4 in the groove of spindle's gear portion. See Fig. 8.( 2 ) Put spring holder, compression spring 28 and hammer on the spindle. See Fig. 9.Fig. 7FP4/8( 2 )After removing steel ball 6.4, loosen the handle of "No.1R045 Gear extractor" slowly until the spindle is freefrom the compression spring 28.SpindleThe steel balls 4fall off the spindleand can be lost.Spring holderCompressionspring 28Hammer( 3 ) Pressing the hammer to the gear side, align the top of cam groove of spindle with the opening of hammer.And mount 2 pcs. of steel ball 6.4 as illustrated in Fig. 10R.The assembling of hammer unit has been finished at this step.19 pcs. of steel ball 4HammerApply grease to the grooveof spindles's gear portion forprevention against the fallingoff of steel ball.Compressionspring 28Spring holder19 pcs. of steel ball 4Fig. 8SpindleFig. 9Steel ball 6.4Steel ball 6.4Do not hold the hammer unit as illustratedin Fig. 10F, when pressing hammer tothe gear side.The steel ball 4 can fall off the grooveof spindle's gear portion and scatter inthe hammer.Fig.10RFig.10FRepair( 4 ) Mount the hammer unit and spur gear 19-41 to the hammer case cover. See Fig. 11.< Note >Do not forget to mount flat washers 8 to the following portion.* Spindle of hammer unit* Shaft of hammer case cover for spur gear 19-41 (both side of spur gear 19-41)The hammer unit(hammer, spindle,compression spring 28, etc.)Hammercase coverP5/8Flat washer 8Spur gear 19-41Flat washer 8Fig.11( 5 ) Mount flat washer 19 and anvil to the hammer case. See Fig. 12.( 6 ) Mount hammer case cover as illustrated in Fig. 13. The assembling of mechanical section has been finishedat this step.Hammer unit(hammer, spindle,compression spring 28, etc.)Hammer caseThis part can remainin the hammer case.AnvilFlat washer 19Fig.12Hammer casecoverFig.13 [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]