Trouble - Rod Stewart, karafun song, Karaoke, Pliki MIDI zespolami od a do z, Rod Stewart

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TROUBLE (ROD STEWART)Looking out on the city tonight, and I�m wondering why.Trying to figure out what I�m doing wrong.I am lost in an ocean of mixed emotions,now, everything I held sacred now has gone.Here am I, far from home, learning how to be alone.Silly me, I should�ve guessed, never settle on second best.Time for me to reassess. Heading into trouble, I am always......Sideways, downways...Now, I�m losing you.It�s gonna be a lonely summer without you �round,I�ll even miss the way you sing off key.Down in the market, the reggae bands won�t sound the same.Old Joe says: "Without you, they just don�t believe".Now, I am no longer sure who�s gonna open every door.The love I take and couldn�t share,the warmth I had but didn�t care, to give myself I never dared......Hope it all goes well in the future for you, my dear,hope you find where your heart truly belongs.I don�t know about me and tomorrow�cause you�re gonna be a hard act to follow.I�ll miss you, baby, every day, even though you�re far away.Here�s to you, in every way... [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]