Translation - kak rabotaet Kapanadze, NAUKA, Elektronika (Haslo do folderu to 123)

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As works [devays] Of [tarielya] To [kapanadze].
To us [motivchik] to catch, and the symphony
we will write…
[E]. [Dog].
Moral aspect.
After the survey of the film of the demonstration “of the muff” Of [tarielya] [Kapanadze], i
became likable and even roads this person as inventor and it is simple as men.
To us it is necessary it to worthily estimate and to place this inventor before one row with such
values of [alternativshchikov] as Edwin Grey, John [Bedini], Hubbard, [V]. [Grebennikov] and
Therefore, from now on it: [Tariel], To [kapanadze], Georgian inventor; but not before which
measure not “of [gruzyn]” and that other.
Social aspect.
Certainly, this muff pulls above itself whole chain of the problems, which are not absolutely
necessary to us. Most important problem this that which “SOMEBODY” can think that this box
before the state to replace at the point of power station and other energy sources, including
hydrocarbons, thus down today's moment can damage to the exporters of entire this, including
[sopostavshchikov] on the transport and the realization.
In reality this thus far not so, since all before the life changes gradually: spacecraft furrow the
spaces of the universe, and cartage is used on the Earth, until now.
Nevertheless, we should take measures for its possible protection, namely entire information on
this theme hold before the separate folder, it is better on the disk or to [fleshke] and to be at call
in order in “the case of what” - immediate to throw down all this beside the open Internet.
[Motivchik] to catch…
I will try to completely exclude “water”.
Before the muff To [kapanadze], i.e., before the principle of the operation of this muff is [tsimis],
the raisin, on which this all is built.
It relatively simple, but in order beside it “to enter” it is necessary to pass known concepts, but
already without solonchak playa.
Is above beyond the supplementary sheet depicted diagram from the patent Of [tarielya] To
[kapanadze]. Only it does not a little correspond to green box, since it is its improvement.
Single-cycle resonance of medium.
Let us begin Azov.
Parallel circuit the LC.
Charge of capacity. Discharge of capacity down the inductance. Strained by the inductance of
environment - soft push, push, but not by impact impulse. Recovery of [napryaga] of medium,
motion conversely, self-induction, the recharge of capacity, subsequently - resonant circuit.
Is established stable fluctuation, resonance frequency.
In consequence of which?
As a result of the pushing of medium down one side, and the recharge of capacity - as the
consequence of the motion of medium conversely.
Hundred per-cent “single-cycle”, “one-sided” the resonance bridge, when on it goes by system
the company of soldiers and it strikes its surface, but in this case “does not pull back” this
surface upward conversely, but also this it is sufficient so that the bridge would be pulled down.
But let us return to the outline LC.
I change capacitance value down that or other side. What will occur?
The phenomenon of resonance remains, only changes the frequency of resonance and the
amplitude of fluctuation because of a change in the energy factor of outline.
But based on the position of medium - all [ostaetsya] against its places, it as before
[elektromagnitouprugaya] and attempts to always " reset to zero” its gradient of [lokala] of
[napryaga], elasticity.
The question arises on the course of events in me.
But there is whether very natural resonance of medium?
I.e., can we by our randomly outline fall on some unknown thus far to us the resonance of
medium and because of this “rock OHO”?
I answer is not!
Since in entire time of the history of radio communication and any connected for the sake of this
question outlines, someone compulsorily “would get in” before it, beside natural [em] resonance.
But there is one small reservation.
This is the volume of medium, limited as far as the walls of solid body, from which can be
reflected [em] the wave. Here can arise the so-called volumetric resonance of medium, excited
no longer only inductance, but also by the flow of [em] of emission.
But this is the question, which relates down the same platform [VSG] and we it thus far, we do
not examine.
Double measure resonance of medium.
That I make further.
I remove the capacity of outline and instead of it connect the generator of sine down the
inductance, it is desirable with small [KNI], (coefficient of nonlinear distortions), and I swing the
same [lokal] of medium.
- because it is formed by reduction in the power of [em] of the emission of inductance
down the square of distance based on it.
And, glory to god, otherwise we here [narezonirovali].
For the monitoring of the resonance of medium I stretch small inductance, inductance- sensor,
down the basic inductance and connect down it [ostsil].
What is observed?
Is observed the same resonance of medium, only down much better, since generator, in contrast
to the capacity, not only pushes medium “there”, but also it " pulls” it conversely.
I observe the [ofigennuyu] power of the oscillating process of medium.
And in me here appears the desire to rock the small bit of this energy, and bit itself - OHO!, and
to use it before “underdeveloped spheres of my patriarchal economy”.
I connect lamp down this to inductance- sensor and see for this that it not sickly burns. But here I
observe, that my generator began “to [dosasyvat]” from the rosette exactly that power, which
was equal down the power of lamp.
Simultaneously “began to pull itself” the resonance of medium and I understand, that it was
introduced beside [lokal] of the resonance of medium, about the well-aimed determination Of
[n]. [Tesly],
friction clutch!
And entire my [kombina] became commonplace, primitive transformer, and my “muff” was
destroyed and disappeared.
And with melancholy of [osoznaetsya], that was disrupted the main thing is/are this it was
disrupted the resonance of medium!!!
Muff from the resonance can be rocked only with the condition not for its disturbance!!!
As this to make??!!
[Motivchik] floated…
And here here to us down the aid comes [Yu]. Ivanov's [ritmodinamika].
Ivanov describes this moment.
When before the pool, which was remained still after union, before [lokale] of the system of the
Ukraine was lowered in Hertz's portions commercial frequency, then was registered the powerful
draining of energy there. ([Khokhlyatskiy] resonance. Name my).
To crests even they were put out down claim beyond this theme.
From entire variety Of [ritmodinamiki] for us is important precisely this moment!!!
It is interesting: he does know about this our [Kapanadze] or it did leave down this randomly?
And it is still interesting: did know about this sixteen-year boy Hubbard or he did also leave
down this randomly?
Here to us and the answer:
as to rock [khalyavku] without disrupting the resonance of
medium, medium!, but not outline!
Second displaced resonance of [lokala] of medium.
Therefore, adhering to the analogy “displaced before the frequency resonance -[lokala] of
crests”, that rocks from the general large, “correct” resonance of power system concealed
[khalyavku], we can be determined before the criteria of the second inductance and that
frequency of resonance, created by it in order to rock the bit of energy from the organized
resonance of [lokala] of the medium of the first inductance.
The volume of energy, pumped out by the second inductance must be by an order,
if not more, it is less than that volume of energy, which is created for the sake of the
first inductance.
Because of this, its, second inductance, magnetic field must be less than the
magnetic field of the first inductance.
And already as a result of entire this overall sizes and inductance itself before
Henry must be less than the first.
The rolled away power by the second inductance - this is the consequence of a
difference in the frequencies of the resonance oscillation between the first and
second inductance!!!
But can happen so that the frequency of the second inductance sharply it will change it will so
that take entire energy of the resonance of [lokala]?
And as it [dolbanet]!!!…
Therefore before the patent specification [Tarielya] has such lines.
The first frequency regulator (7) stabilizes the obtained high frequency in accordance
with the need and orders it,
causing no harm to parts against the output of chain.
It is obvious that in it to this [dolbalo] and repeatedly…
Thus, summing up it is possible to say that the evacuation of energy of the resonance of medium
is produced also as far as resonance, but the frequency of it a little, on Hertz, ten Hertz, it is
different from the frequency of the general resonance, created for the sake of the first coil.
Chart technology methods are such and are such they must be the values of a difference in the
frequencies for satisfaction of this condition - let us determine more lately.
Third resonance - resonance of charges.
After satisfying increasingly above-presented conditions and after connecting lamp down the
second coil - everything returns down the circles its - we obtain such break the same
commonplace trans-, and together with it, that if not the film Of [tarielya], then long ago would
throw all efforts for this theme.
Therefore we think and we move further.
But who did say that, after hanging up lamp down the second inductance, we will not change and
will not worsen the resonance condition of medium, created by the first coil? Even if this
[katukha], the second, is displaced before the frequency of its resonance relative to the frequency
of the resonance of the first inductance.
Clear pepper - let us worsen, still as will worsen, because the second resonance from “that
sliding” became the same friction clutch! The same lamp on the indicative inductance, switch
oned in parallel to the entrance of [ostsila], examined earlier!
But here what is to be done? How to remove this [dolbannyy] friction clutch?
But here also to be it is in no way necessary, since all this already thought over to us our
fascinating participant in the forum - LAZJ!
What there is electric current?
I recall [voenku] before the institute.
Instructor- Major shows in the diagram the passage of current on the chain:
plus of the power source, further lamp or another chain, then
housing, the housing
of the power source.
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