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Próbny egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego
Transkrypcja nagrań – poziom podstawowy
Zadanie 1.
Is Vin Diesel your real name?
No, it’s Mark Vincent.
Where do your parents come from?
I’m part Italian-American and part African-American. I’m multi-cultural. I even made
a film called
which was all about me visiting casting agents and trying to get
a job.
Do you come from a rich background?
No, I used to be a poor kid from New York so when people say they want to pay me
$20 million for a movie, it’s hard to say no!
You say you were a poor kid… Can you describe how things were?
Well, I worked for about twenty years trying to finance my first feature film,
I also worked in telemarketing for many years. Before that I worked as a bouncer, I stood at
the door of a bar and made sure only the right sort of people were allowed in. That’s when
I started to call myself Vin Diesel because it sounded harder.
How did you get your first important role?
Steven Spielberg had seen my movie
and he wrote a part in
Private Ryan
especially for me. I played the soldier who tries to rescue a French girl from
a bombed building. It wasn’t a big part but it means a lot to me.
Are you happy with your title ‘action hero’?
It means absolutely nothing. It goes in one ear and out of the other.
What are your plans for the future?
I’ve just finished a Disney comedy called
The Pacifier
. But my big dream is to play
Hannibal, the historical figure. Either I’m motivated or crazy because I want to direct it as
well as star in it.
Thank you for the interview.
Thank you.
Adapted from: Current, May June 2005
Zadanie 2
If someone asked me what my favourite Depeche Mode album was, I would say
without a doubt. It is their first album in four years and in fact, the best I’ve heard from them
in a long time. If you are having a bad day, this CD makes things better. I am only sorry I
didn’t buy it sooner. Besides the CD, there is also a DVD that includes the whole album plus
a few extra songs. So much pleasure for little more than $20. Generally - great stuff!
Próbny egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego
Transkrypcja nagrań – poziom podstawowy
To me Coldplay just keeps getting better! Their latest album
, sold over 700,000 copies
within the first week. And I wouldn’t be ashamed to share this with my friends, parents or
even my grandmother. Overall, the band uses their talent to create a great CD! It’s certainly
worthy of any CD collection.
I have just purchased Maroon 5’s new album,
Songs About Jane
, and believe me I don’t regret
spending the seven dollars and ninety cents I had to sacrifice to get it. I admit
the real reason I bought it was because it was so cheap compared to the usual fifteen dollars
you have to pay for a CD. The first time I put this CD in my player I was surprised at how
much I enjoyed every single song I heard.
I have been a fan of Madonna for a long time, but it was a mistake to buy her latest CD –
Confession on a Dance Floor
. None of the tracks are that terrific. Coming from someone with
the talent of Madonna, I truly expected so much more. If you are in a club surrounded by
people and having fun, the music is fine. Sitting at home alone and listening to the CD, you
can’t help asking yourself, “What went wrong?”
Adapted from:
Zadanie 3.
His beard is insured for a six-figure sum and the plates on his red Mercedes read
SANTA. Today we meet Brady White, Father Christmas to Hollywood’s rich and famous.
How did you become Santa to the stars?
Brady White:
About 20 years ago, I was an out-of-work actor and nine months behind with
the rent, so I took a seasonal job as Santa at a shopping mall in Beverly Hills. The Los
Angeles Times voted me the best Santa Claus in Southern California and word spread from
Who was the first celebrity you met?
Brady White:
Imelda Marcos asked me to hand out gifts at her Christmas party. Most of
them were gold bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces, but there was also a miniature Ferrari
car for children.
Who’s your favourite celebrity?
Brady White:
Kirstie Alley invites me to her home for her kids. She’s one of the best mums
I know – a real down-to-earth sort. And Sylvester Stallone and his wife, Jennifer Flavin, have
three young daughters who I see each year – they’re very nice, regular, unspoiled children.
Which party will you never forget?
Brady White:
It was the songwriter Burt Bacharach’s party. As always, my job was to go
into the house ho-ho-ho-ing and give presents to the guests, but afterwards Burt invited me to
stay to dinner. I took off my coat and was in the kitchen dressed in my white T-shirt and red
Próbny egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego
Transkrypcja nagrań – poziom podstawowy
braces when Elizabeth Taylor came in and sat beside me. She said: “You’re the best Santa
I’ve ever met, because you remind me of what I thought Santa looked like when I was a little
And the most extravagant party?
Brady White:
I’ve been to many such parties in Hollywood where there is truckloads of
snow in the garden, champagne and mountains of caviar. But two years ago, I did a party for
a major film producer. Not only did he have the winter wonderland in the garden but he even
had a reindeer which had been sent from Lapland.
What do you do on Christmas Day?
Brady White:
I’m always at The Beverly Hills Hotel. I have my Christmas lunch there.
What do you do when Christmas is over?
Brady White:
It never is! I work all year round as Santa. After I’ve been down all those
chimneys, I do a lot of modelling for catalogues and TV commercials.
Are you recognised when you’re not dressed in your red suit?
Brady White:
Yes, I can be wearing regular clothes and a truck driver or a policeman will
say, “Yo, Santa, I want a motorcycle.”
Thanks for coming and don’t forget to come down my chimney next Christmas.
Adapted from: SHE Magazine, January 2005
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