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Zadanie 1.
Today we are talking to Bob Black, a man who plays small parts in films.
The film industry calls such people
background artists
. How did you become
an extra, Bob?
A friend introduced me to Bill Cosby and asked him if I could do this little part on his
show. Cosby said
and I had to sing
Happy Birthday
to him.
: So tell us. What qualities do you need to be a good extra?
Discipline, being on time and having a complete wardrobe. That’s the big thing, as you
are often asked to bring your own clothes. There is a joke that says extras have the best
wardrobes and drive newer cars than actors. And do you know what? It’s absolutely true.
What was your best role?
I think my favourite part was when I played an assistant in
Close Encounters
And what was the strangest costume you’ve ever had to wear?
Probably in
It was a medieval scene where I had to put on one of those
period costumes. It was very heavy and I had to fight in it.
What is the strangest thing you have ever done?
: Once I played a manager who was hit in the face with a chocolate cake. That was pretty
Is there anything you wouldn’t do?
I wouldn’t take my clothes off. That was in a movie Donald Sutherland made many
years ago, one of those ’60s movies about peace and love. They wanted me to strip and
I didn’t do it.
Which of the famous actors is the friendliest?
Tom Hanks, I think. When I worked on
Apollo 13,
he came nearer and said: ‘Hi, I’m
Tom Hanks. I’d like to thank you boys for being here and working with us’. He made me feel
like a big part of the whole thing.
What’s the best thing about being an extra?
Although it is a job, it can be so much fun. Besides, you work with some of the actors
you really like.
adapted from: Total Film, 2003
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Zadanie 2.
2.1. News item one
The people at the San Diego Zoo in California can hardly believe it. On August 21, giant
panda Kitty had a baby. The baby came into this world blind and helpless. It was the first
baby panda at the San Diego Zoo. Workers at the zoo were worried. This was Kitty’s first
baby. If Kitty didn’t feed the baby or keep it warm, it could die. Fortunately, Kitty turned out
to be a good mother.
2.2. News item two
Grizzly bears are in trouble, according to recent U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service information.
There are fewer grizzlies, experts say, because people have moved into the areas where
the bears used to live. U.S. lawmakers are hoping Canada will help protect the grizzly.
Canada doesn’t have a law, such as the U.S. Endangered Species Act, to protect the grizzly
2.3. News item three
Rain forests have become an important environmental problem. For many years, NASA has
been working to understand how the loss of rain forests is affecting Earth’s environment.
To help that work, NASA scientists have been studying photographs taken by a group
of satellites called
. In the coming months, NASA is planning to install a new piece
of equipment. It will be so sensitive that it will be able to see colour differences among
different kind of trees.
2.4. News item four
Aliens have invaded Africa’s Lake Victoria! They are not little green men. They are purple
flowers called water hyacinths. They are blocking Africa’s largest lake. To fight the invaders
scientists are using small insects which eat flowers. However, some hyacinth fighters say
the insects are too slow.
2.5. News item five
Every year as winter comes, emperor penguins return to Antarctica from the sea. Females lay
their eggs, then go back to the sea to rest and eat. Emperors are the only penguins that lay
their eggs in winter. For nine weeks, the males do nothing but protect the eggs. They don’t
even eat! Later in the winter, the female penguins return to their families.
adapted from: Time for Kids and Weekly Reader, 1999, 2000
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Zadanie 3.
I am in Europe for the summer, teaching literature, but I’ve been keeping in touch with my
family back home in South Carolina by e-mail. I know exactly how Harvey, Nell and my
husband Ron are spending their summer.
Harvey is fourteen. For him summer is like having Saturday every day. He gets up when
he wants to, and rides his bike to the pool. He doesn’t have to work, but he has to help
in the house. He loves cutting the grass with the mower. He likes pushing the noisy machine
around the lawn, and even does the job for some of the neighbours, making enough money
to pay for afternoons at the pool. There, he and his friends play a little basketball, swim and
spend hours watching the girls sunbathing. Then Harvey rides home and sets up the portable
grill on the patio. Half an hour later, Ron arrives home from work, changes quickly from
his suit into jeans and a T-shirt, and proves he’s a real man by cooking hot dogs or steaks.
My daughter Nell is twenty. Like most students, she works in the summer so that she’ll
have some spending money during the school year. This summer, she and six other kids from
college have rented a house in Ocean City. They are all working as barmaids, waitresses
or reception clerks and spending every free moment sailing, partying or lying on the beach.
Their vacation house contains only dirty socks, empty coca cola bottles and people who are
asleep at the moment. Nell will get sunburned and discover that there is no reliable method
for getting all the sand out of her hair, shoes or Walkman.
Harvey and Nell are going to have fine summers.
adapted from: Yes!, 1996
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