Tarquin Churchwell - One Card Double Lift (2), MENTALIZM, Ogólniejsze, Różne

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One Card Double Lift
In this explanation you will be getting three sleights instead of just the double lift.
First you will learn Marlo’s idea then mine and then my “Drop Card” for card changes.
Back in 1992 I was performing at LaVoile Rouge in Saint Tropez France and
during the day I would go around the small town or spend a few hours before work
brainstorming. I didn’t bring any books with me so my brainstorming had to come from
One day I was remembering about the “paintbrush change” where you change a
card using another card like it was a paintbrush. Well my mind doesn’t like doing things
by the rules so I changed it and started to do the paintbrush change from side to side
instead on front to back and “tada” the “One Card Double Lift” was born.
A couple of years later I got to perform again at the Magic Castle where I was
asked to meet with Marlo. I sat at the table with him and a few of his friends and he
mention that he knew Harry Lorayne and that Lorayne had mention me to him and he
would really enjoy it if I showed him some of my original stuff. I showed him some stuff
and he asked me how they were done, then I showed him my ambitious card routine
where I (apparently) only lift one card. He asked me if I had ever seen his card change
move and showed it to me. I agreed they were similar but actually two different sleights
used in two different ways.
Marlo’s Card Change
Marlo’s concept is to double lift a card, show the double, then take the face card
away using the hand that is holding the deck.
1) Double lift and move the double away from the deck
2) Come over with your left hand (holding the deck) and turn the double face down
while grabbing the face card of the double with the second, third and pinky finger
of your left hand.
(The deck position is like opening a book. Remember this position because you will
be in this position again for my effect)
3 Pull the bottom card of the double away from the double card and the same time
continue to turn your left hand down.
(My hands are more open than your hands should be, this is done just for explanation.
In the first of these two pictures you can see the face card coming out at the tip of my
3) Move your left hand away and move you right hand in the opposite direction,
while continuing to hold the grip on the card.
Show the changed card.
Tarquin’s One Card Double lift
Well here it is,
Marlo's concept lifts two cards and shows them while still two cards. My One
card double lift shows one card at the beginning and one card at the end.
It goes like this
1) Start as a double
2) Show 1 card
3) Back to double
4) Again one card
Sounds impossible? What will be impossible is for me to write about it but I will give
it my best try. Here goes;
1) put your hands in this position and get your double lift started using your top right
(Note: I am over doing the move in these pictures just for you to be able to
understand it.)
2) create a break under the double with your left pinky
3)Start to pick up the double from the lower left side of the deck with the right fingers
3) slide the double down the deck till it is in a open book like setting
[ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]