Tactical-News-Magazine-1.2013, Asg Militaria Kamuflaż

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//-->InTERnATIOnAL EDITIOnMILITARY • LAW ENFORCEMENT • SECURITYNEWn°1 • JAnUARY 2013OPERATIONALPROCEDURESHISTORICALWEAPONSLEE-EnfIELDREcOgnITIOnAnD IDEnTIfIcATIOnTACTICALTRAININGDIffEREnTcOUnTRIEssAmE gOALFIRE TESTTAcTIcAL gEARARc’TERYx LEAfUSTOMCN USAADE IMfOcUs OnRLD Of EODThE cURREnT wOfOcUs OnEcms’- EAD01VISIT USBOOTH 27303SHOT SHOWjanuary15-18LaS VEGaSEDITORIALEDITORIALEDITORIALEDITORIALEDITORIALEDOUR HISTORY...THE ITALIAN VERSION EDITIONSeptember 2010:Mr. Mirko Gargiulo, a marketing and communicationsentrepreneur armed with a strong passion and deep knowledge of militaryand defense, decided to venture into the difficult world of publishing. The veryfirst step has been initiating the collaboration his lifelong friend Mr. GiovanniPetretta.January 2011:Issue N° 1 of Tactical News Magazine, the first Italian magazinededicated to the world of tactics and operations, goes on sale. TacticalNews Magzine is proud to count in its staff current and former membersof the Special Forces, the police force, private security experts, ballisticsand equipment experts as well as analysts of intelligence and geopolitics.Each month, Tactical News Magazine provides Italian readers with a full 360degrees of information on this whole specialized sector.August 2012:After only 19 publications, Tactical News Magazine hasbecome a point of reference for operators and general enthusiasts withinthis specialized field. Sensing the potentially strong international appeal ofTactical News Magazine, Mr. Mirko Gargiulo’s new challenge is to make hismagazine available worldwide. This is a a daring quest shared by his goodfriend Mr. Danilo Amellotti, a former Special Forces member and togetherthey establish A&G Publishing favoring Germany as the headquarters andoffices of this new publishing house. An early decision is to opt for an Englishlanguage version as the international edition.TACTICAL NEWS MAGAZINEINTERNATIONAL EDITIONJanuary 2013:Tactical News Magazine - International Edition is the first and onlyinternational magazine written in English, dedicated to the world of tactics and operationscovering extensively the role of the man on the ground, his powers, his tools and hispsycho-physical condition. Edited by A&G Publishing GmbH, TNM - International Editionoffers the reader an unprecedented opportunity to gather information through thefollowing: reviews and field testing of equipment; weapons and accessories; technicalsections on armed and unarmed combat; columns on tactical/operational procedures insecurity plus military environments; a section solely dedicated to the Special Forces; casestudies and real-life stories of workers and former workers; exclusive reports from thehottest conflict areas of the globe; sections on Criminology and Forensic Science; articleson the legalities surrounding operational procedures; geopolitical analysis; an historicalsection examining the continual evolution of special operations and tactics and much more.Our mission is to create a monthly magazine with an international flavor, appealingworldwide to highly trained professionals and interested followers of this uniquearea. To achieve this, TNM uses experts from many nations who are exemplary intheir field of operations. Our team consists of current and former operators of SpecialForces from different countries, police officers from operational departments, globalexperts in security and anti-terrorism, experts in equipment and weapon systems andworld-renowned martial Arts instructors. The majority of our employees work in elitedepartments at major international institutions or government agencies and are fullycommitted to the fight against crime and terrorism worldwide. We can safely say thatTNM is a magazine for and written by professionals and it is only by following this credothat we can truly meet the demanding standards of all our readers. In doing this we alsoguarantee our sponsors the possibility of reaching a truly exclusive target.Mirko Gargiulo (Editor-in-Chief)DITORIALE [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]