TackIt! Mini Instructions, Photoshop(1)

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TackIt! Mini Instructions
Thank you for downloading the TackIt! Mini Action!
These instructions will assist you in your use of this
action by providing guidelines for use and explaining
some of the steps involved in creating the TackIt! Mini
What’s Included:
•The TackIt! Mini action
•The “Tack” (small) Photoshop file
•These Instructions
How to use the actions:
•Load the “TackIt! Mini.atn” file into Photoshop via the “Actions” palette.
•Choose one of the “TackIt! Mini action and press the “play” button.
Special Customization Instructions:
The Picture Border
Early on, the action will bring up a prompt asking you to choose a pixel value for the border
you want on your picture. When the “Canvas Size” dialog comes up, make sure you enter a
PIXEL value (not percent). If you don’t want a border at all in the finished effect, enter 0 in
the width and height fields. In any case, both width and height should be the same value.
The Picture and Tack Shadows
There are options for adjusting the amount of blur applied to the shadows of both the picture
and the tack. Adjust the default values up or down as desired. The higher the value, the softer
the shadow.
Including the “Tack.psd” File in the Action
You will be asked to open the “Tack.psd” file and drag the tack onto the picture effect. To do
so, simply open the file, and with the selection tool (arrow), drag the tack onto your picture
(NOTE: The “Tack” and Shadow” layers are linked, so there is no need ot merge or flatten the
Tack.psd document before dragging. In fact, doing so will cause the action to error!). This
will place both layers of the Tack onto your picture effect. They should be the topmost layers
in the document.
You may want to adjust the tack for size once it is placed in the picture effect. To
do so, choose “Edit, Free Transform” (or Ctrl/Cmd-T), and drag the sizing handles while holding
down the “shift” key (to maintain proportions).
As a side, please DO NOT EDIT the “Tack.psd” file (at least without backing up the original
first), as changes to this file may cause the action set to error!
Changing the Color of the Tack
A prompt will come up which will give you the option of adjusting the color/saturation of the
tack. Simply adjust the sliders as desired.
Choosing Whether to Merge Layers or not
Near the end of the action, you’ll see a prompt asking you whether you want to continue
with the action and merge some layers (to make it easier to drag and drop the effect into another
document) or whether to stop at the current point.
If you like the way the picture looks and don’t want to do a lot of customization, then you
may choose to continue and merge layers. If, however, you want to do some more
customization, then stop at this point.
A Note about The Shear Filter:
If you encounter an instance where the curvature of your picture looks jagged or sudden instead of
smooth, you might need to reset the Shear filter to its default values and run the action again. To reset
this filter, simply choose Filter/Distort/Shear from the menu (while an image is open), press the
“Defaults” button, and then choose “OK”. This should reset the filter and when you run the action
again, the curves on the images should be smooth.
I hope you enjoy this action and have fun with it! If you have other questions or comments about this
set (or any of my work for that matter), please feel free to e-mail me or post in the FinesseFX forum.
Karl Sneath
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